Timely, accurate, and relevant financial information with which to plan and control your entire organisation

The most important metrics to measure the performance of your organisation at your fingertips

Management reporting systems work together to provide what you need when you need it


Futuresense implements EPM solutions to help organisations understand their data and use it to make better business decisions. Using the EPM suite of solutions, we enable financial decision-makers to analyse complex information and present it effectively.

Financial Consolidation and Close

Financial Consolidation & Close

  • Comprehensive built-in functionality to address management and legal entity consolidation needs
  • Configurable, with limited need for customization
  • Extended close process management with intelligent process automation
Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

  • Global reconciliation process fully integrated into financial close
  • Instant visibility into progress of reconciliation lifecycle
  • Transaction Matching module for automated high-volume & complex reconciliations
  • Monitor and analyze variances
Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Narrative Reporting
    – Secure, collaborative, and process driven
    – Provide context to the numbers by combining financial statements and data with textual narrative in a single report
    – Access source data and systems of record directly
    – Use existing reports to speed up the reporting process
    – Provide faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders
tax reporting

Tax Reporting

  • Comprehensive Tax Reporting solution: Tax Provision, Country by Country (CbCR), Uncertain Tax Positions, Workflow & Task Management
  • Integration with Cloud and on-premises ERP, financial consolidation and reporting solutions
Planning Budgeting and Forecasting

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Deploy configurable planning best practices for all lines of business: Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, IT, Operations
  • Pre-built modules and frameworks for rapid deployment
  • Proven scalability to support enterprise-wide planning processes
Strategic Modelling

Strategic Modelling

  • Top-down, driver-based modeling for risks, M&A, and strategic initiatives
  • Combine multiple scenarios
  • Define targets for budget & forecast
  • Discounted cashflow valuations
  • Monte Carlo analysis with crystal ball
Profitability and Management Reporting

Profitability and Cost Management

  • Detailed, multi-perspective insight
  • Trusted financial data that matches internal management reporting
  • Make informed decisions about products or lines of business
Infrastructure Integration

Infrastructure and Integration

  • Quickly, efficiently and securely integrate data from any source
  • Produce clean, trusted data